Family Services

Family Services

Stabilizing and empowering families.

Transitional Living

Transitional Living

Providing a platform for profound and lasting change.

Shelter Program

Shelter Program

Providing a safe and supportive environment.

Our Mission

Stepping Stones’ mission is to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate service for each child and family that we encounter. Whether it’s the placement of a new life or young child, or reunifying a family, Stepping Stones will provide hope, opportunity, and stability as we focus on nurturing their paths to a more promising tomorrow.

Our History

Stepping Stones is a Maine based agency with 35 years of experience in the field of adoption. MAPS, the former name of the agency, began in 1977, providing adoption services in Maine and later developed international adoption and humani­tarian aid programs. The agency has now entered its 35th year, and as the needs of Maine women, children and families change and evolve, Stepping Stones will continue to offer support, guidance and a brighter future by helping children and empowering families.

Stepping Stones’ programs are offered both as stand-alone services and as a continuum of care, based on the individual’s need and circumstances. Recognizing that there may be similarities in the patterns that bring clients to Stepping Stones, however each case is different and clients often need specialized support and access to one or more programs.

Access or need for these programs may range from Targeted Case Management or Adoption Services to combining several services to provide a complementary plan of care in which multiple challenges are addressed in the interest of changing the outcome for at-risk individuals. Our services are tailored depending on the spectrum in which the client finds himself or herself. Changing the future and providing opportunity for our clients may at times involve: Shelter, Family Sta­bilization, Transitional Living, Community Mental Health, Adoption Services and/or Mental Health First Aid. These services provide trainings and resources to help our clients attain life skills that will lead to healthy inde­pendent living free from government assistance. Read More

  • Success Stories

    Stepping Stones is doing incredible work that helps children and empowers families by rewarding them for ongoing achievement. I was drawn to the organization by the mere fact that the community they serve needs to take initiative and define their own outcome. Stepping Stone clients seem to have a real sense of pride that they are doing the right thing. It's very moving for me to see this kind of success within the human spirit and the positive effects it has on our community.

    Stefan W.


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